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]My family has been going up to a cabin near Emily, Minnesota since the 1930’s. It has a lake and a boat and a dock, of course, but what it really has is our family. In the woods, on the dock, in the sleep overs of 10 kids and dogs, “Will you drive me skiing?”, “Can I bring a friend?”: it’s all family. ┬áThen Uncle Bob built a winter house and ‘Game On’! Now one of the biggest weekends of the year involves a winter soccer game and shoveling the lake! It’s crazy, it’s fun, and I’m going next year, too.

This year brought 6 inches of fresh snow, -10 below, and a tow up the last 100 meters of the driveway if you were there on time for Joe and the truck. If you were not, you needed 11 kids to push you up the hill or you carried your Duluth pack in the last 400 yards.

I went for the walk after the snowstorm and took pictures of the snowy forest. Happy New Year!  Please vote for your favorite one.

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